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Wall Cracks and How To Fix It

Wall Cracks was never a good thing. Your home might have a severe issue on its foundation. But that doesn’t mean that it was always that bad or serious and might only need some minor repairs.

If you find yourself spotting a crack on your wall, it is very important to look for the problem before it gets worse. This is crucial mostly if you’re in the process of selling your house. Once the inspector spots crack on the walls, it might affect the sale of your home.

Let’s first discuss the cause of wall cracks and how serious they really are.


wall cracks
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Most Common Causes of Cracks in the wall

Here are the 6 most common reasons for cracks in the wall.

  • Wood studs, post, or beams warping or shrinking
  • Overspanned Ceiling Joists
  • Overloaded Ceiling joists
  • Poor tape joints or contaminated drywall mud at installation
  • Improper backing in corners or ceilings causing drywall to be unstable
  • hanging drywall, (nail or screw spacing was not up to code)

“Honeycombs” or Air pockets are also a cause. It is a result of poorly mixed concrete and can form throughout your walls over time.


How Severe is Severe?

When you are finished identifying the causes of those fissures. Determine next how bad the crack actually is.

An individual crack apparent only from the interior of your basement or crawl space is not a cause for concern right away, As seasons change, the foundation may have gone through expansion and contraction and it may lead to superthin cracks.

However, if you see multiple cracks, or cracks all over your home, your foundation may have fractures. and Fractures are more alarming than superthin cracks. Cracks that can be seen through the door frames, windows, ceiling, and also stair steps cracks in your basement or crawl space can indicate problems on your foundation. Better reaching out to a contractor to investigate.

How to Repair Wall Cracks?

For different types of cracks, there are different types of repairs. For hairline crack, you can use mesh tape or dab mud over the cracks and then repaint the area.

If the cracking is due to Shrinkage, sealants may help fix the problem. Masonry repairs or epoxy can fill in the gaps.

All of these steps are just easy fixes and sometimes temporary. It is still probably viable to call a professional repair team that can access the damage on your walls since they have the proper education and materials to do the work.


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