Tracy King
Tracy King

Stop Paying Rent: How to Own Your Own Home

If you’ve been renting for some time, you may have the dream to own your own home. 

However, most renters feel intimidated by owning their own home. You may feel like you’ll never be able to break out of the renter’s rut. You also may be worried that you won’t be able to afford to own your own home. If so, you’re not alone. 

Before you pay another penny to your landlord, read our FREE special report titled “How to Stop Renting and Own Your Own Home.” In it, you’ll find valuable information that will help you stop the vicious renting cycle and become a homeowner.

Let’s look at a few steps you can take to get on track to become a homeowner.

You Can Own Your Own Home For Less Money Down

Did you know that some government programs, like the first-time homebuyer programs, can help you buy a house for less? You can qualify as a first-time homebuyer even if your spouse has owned a house before.

Before you choose your realtor, make sure they are knowledgeable about these money-saving options.

Seller-Backed Financing

If you can find the right seller, they may be willing to hold a second mortgage for you. Known as a “seller take-back”, in this option the home seller stands in place of your lending institution. This allows you to make monthly mortgage payments to the seller, instead of paying for the house in full upfront.

Buying a House With Problem Credit

In some situations where you can pay more than the minimum down payment, you can still be considered for a mortgage. You may also be able to get a mortgage if you can secure the loan with other equity. 

One way Tracy King, Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty helps get you into your dream home is by cultivating relationships with preferred mortgage lenders. These preferred lenders have special programs and ways to help you get approved for your mortgage, even with problem credit.

You Will Love Your New Home or I’ll Buy It Back – Guaranteed

When you qualify for pre-approval you’ll get peace of mind knowing that there is an “insurance policy” in place for you. We are so confident that you will love your new home that if you don’t, we will buy it back from you! To find out more about our exclusive program, request access to our free report “You Will Love Your New Home or I’ll Buy It Back” below. 

All you have to do to learn how you can break the renter’s rut and own your own home is to contact us! We’ll get started right away finding you a great deal on your new home. You can call us at 865-830-3908, contact us online here, or fill out the form on this page for more information.