Tracy King
Tracy King

Making a Move With Pets in Knoxville? These are Tops Tips…

Planning a move with pets in Knoxville can be nerve-wracking if you don’t have the right strategies in place. You know that pets can react negatively to change. But you want your pet to be as happy and excited about the move as you are.  

So what’s the best way to move yourself and your pets with minimum stress and disruption? Try these proven strategies:

  • Maintain your pet’s daily routine
  • Let your pet be part of your moving process
  • Relocate your pet’s belongings last

Follow along as we explore these top tips to make your move with pets a success. 

1. Maintain Your Pet’s Daily Routine

Like humans, pets are creatures of habit. They take comfort and self-regulate with a routine schedule. Try to keep your pet’s schedule as constant as possible. This includes their feeding, exercise and bedtime schedule. Changing this schedule can lead to distress and bad behavior. Plus, keeping their schedule intact will help implement the schedule in your new surroundings post-move.

2. Let Your Pet Be Part of the Moving Process

It may seem strange, but involving your pet in the moving process will go a long way towards making them happy. While they can’t pack a box, there are plenty of ways to make them a part of the process:

  • Let them explore the empty boxes
  • Take time-outs to play
  • Give them extra attention
  • Reward good behavior

Taking these simple measures shows your pet that they are still number one in your thoughts!

3. Move Your Pet’s Items Last

One way to help your pet to block out all the changes is to keep their belongings in place until the very end. Leaving their beds, dishes and favorite toys in place can help them maintain a sense of normalcy and routine.

It’s also a good idea to keep your pet in a closed room or at a friend’s house on the day of the move. This prevents your pet from becoming overexcited or getting out of the house accidentally. If you choose to go this route, bring your pet’s favorite items with them and don’t forget to leave food and water readily accessible. 

Get Tips You Need to Move With Pets in Knoxville

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