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Tracy King

Which Knoxville Clients Hire Us to Sell Their Homes?

Are you interested in buying or selling your home in Knoxville but aren’t sure which realtor to hire? Knoxville clients hire us to sell every day. The first question you should ask yourself is whether you want a solo realtor or one who utilizes an entire team of experts to get results.

Which one do you think will get the results you want?

A solo realtor who is trying to juggle every aspect of multiple client sales at once?

Or do you want a realtor who has the support and knowledge of a specialized team, who work together to sell or buy your next home?

While the answer may seem obvious, some homeowners believe that a solo realtor will give them personal attention.

The Team Approach to Real Estate

Just like any other business, real estate works better with a team of people working towards a common goal. Doctors, lawyers, and even the President have a team of people to support them – shouldn’t you?

Before you invest a significant amount of time and energy selling or buying a house, consider this: great things happen when people work together. Just look at the Relay for Life or other charitable causes – numbers make great things possible! 

Beware of the Solo Realtor

Have you ever noticed how easy it is for another person to proofread your work? Having another set of eyes on a detail-intensive task prevents errors. In the real estate world, these errors can translate into thousands of dollars.

One place where attention to detail is critical is when writing a homeowner’s sale listing. Small mistakes can cause a potential homebuyer to pass on your home even if it would have been a great fit.

Mistakes and omissions occur even more frequently when a realtor is mentally or physically fatigued. A solo realtor trying to “make it” on their own will often work long hours trying to put out fires. This can cause a realtor to under-perform and their clients pay the price. When buying or selling a home, you want a realtor who is fresh, energetic and effective not groggy and lethargic. 

Who Hires Our Team and Why?

Our clients know how to get things done. That’s why they choose our team to buy or sell their house. 

Our clients are:

  • Leaders in business
  • Sales and Marketing professionals
  • Doctors and medical staff
  • Busy families
  • People who aren’t experts or investors
  • People who want things done right the first time

As you can see, people in the know hire us because they know the importance of human capital. To find out what our clients say about us, read here.

We Believe in Teamwork

At Tracy King, Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, we believe in teamwork and that’s why Knoxville clients hire us to sell their homes. It allows us to stay refreshed, sharp and focused on each and every client. And it works – after all, we sell more homes faster and for more money than any other real estate team in the U.S. We guarantee it! To learn more about working with our award-winning team, call us at 865-830-3908 or contact us by filling out the form on this page.