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Get a Furry Friend

Everything was on a halt during the COVID-19 pandemic. Especially most of the in-person human contact, however, this only means continuous growth of communication with our furry friends. They are an emotional and physical stress reliever no doubt.

NAR’s Animal House: Pets in the Home Buying and Sale Process found that 66 percent of U.S. homes either had a pet or were preparing to get one — before the coronavirus outbreak — that number is likely to rise when animal shelters announce that they are low of pets available for adoption.


But Still, It’s Never too Late to Adopt!

It’s never too late to welcome new addition to your household or family, especially while living in quarantine conditions. So It’s now worth following up about animal shelters in your community. Let’s help them animals find forever homes. If you have one and not planning to add anytime soon try encouraging your relatives, friends, or maybe clients.


Our Furry Friends Benefits


The Human-Animal Bond and Research Institute found that engaging with a pet could reduce anxiety and depression. It is by increasing brain oxytocin levels as well as to help reduce blood pressure and increase heart rate.


With so many dogs and cats residing in homes, real estate markets reveal how pet needs influence homebuyers’ decisions, and how sellers are preparing their pet-friendly homes for sale. Get to know common interior necessities, important features of the neighborhood, and steps to get a house with pets ready for a show.

Although humans may have a little less time for their animal companions once orders for stay-at-home are removed, the bonds formed and deepened during the pandemic will continue even when we venture out into the world outside. We might also have our faithful animal friends with us when we all start getting together again.

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