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Ross Jones, Director of Operations for the Knoxville Dream Center, Expressed his appreciation towards the Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – Kings of Real Estate Team.

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Video Source: Knoxville Dream Center

“Hey guys, I just wanted to say a big shout out. And thank you to Tracy and Chris and the whole King’s real estate team. You guys are fantastic. Man, Knoxville Dream Center has been doing some awesome things. And it’s really due to people like you. And so just a few things real quick. You know, first of all, thank you for continuing to support us during COVID. I know it was probably hard. And there’s been a lot of sacrifice on your part to do that. And so, but we definitely saw an uptick of people who were in need. In fact, normally we serve anywhere from well over 400 people a week through food truck. And during COVID, we were serving over 1300 people a week. And so and when I say COVID, I mean that the height of it right there in the middle of April, the whole month of April. And so I just wanted to say thank you again, I know it’s probably sacrifice on your part. But people were fed, people were minister to people not only wanted to come out to to get food, which was well needed, but just to see a friendly face, just to have someone pat them on the back, pray for him or whatever. It was huge. And so we had to go down to one site, but we saw over 1300 people during that month of April. Now we’re back to kind of normal. We’re seeing, again, around that 400 people a week through food truck and under the bridge that we’re serving. And also in the month of August, we were able to give 2700 students and elementary schools that we support some crafts and some pencils to get the year going. So that’s just a brief thing of things we’re doing. I know you guys follow us on social media, I know that you’ve been shared our recent episode of our podcast on your website. So again, thank you for everything you do, not just from the financial standpoint, but getting the word out on who we are. And so I just wanted to give a quick shout out to you guys. Thank you for everything you’re doing and you guys are rock stars. Thanks”


Most don’t know that THE KNOXVILLE DREAM CENTER is a non-profit, so they depend on sponsorships and donations to provide their world-class care and keep costs for these families to a minimum.

So when you or anyone you know does business with us, not only do we deliver on our award-winning service, you can rest assured a very worthy cause benefits as well.

If you or anyone you know is considering selling, give me a call or pass on my number. Thank you in advance for your referrals! My number is 865-830-3908.

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