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Concrete Slab: Dull to Phenomenal

There it is slab of dark, bare concrete as you walk out the back door. How do you turn it into a welcoming outdoor accent?
Blue and Green Patio

Give it some Furnish

Creating spot homeowners would like to sit back and relax. Bring in blues or greens, a couch, and bright fabrics. To complete the look add throw pillows. 
concrete mat

Add a Mat

By covering up the cement with a weather-resistant outdoor blanket you can give it a cozier feel.

Make a Focus Point

Firepits are pleasures of the crowd. Bring one in to improve the space, look, and show the concrete slab as an entertainment venue.
night atmospehere

Flare it up

To create a relaxing evening atmosphere, warm up the room with lighting. If there is an overhead pergola or canopy, string a set of clear lights into the top for an inviting glow. To set off summer lovin’ vibes, you can also add solar lights to the perimeter of the concrete slab or tiki torches.
suit it up with plants

Suit it up with plants

Plants and flowers may make even the most dreary of concrete slabs seem more inviting. Put in containers of vibrant flowers around the walls, or find ways to keep your mind off the ground by showcasing a fashionable vertical garden that catches your attention.
stained concrete pattern

Imprint and Stain

Consider giving up an updated look to the material. The stamped concrete mimics pavers below. paint and stain coat can transform a concrete slab in an instant.


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