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WE Prioritize Buying and Selling Safety!

During this COVID-19 pandemic, every one of us tries to live life as normally as possible. Life must go on. And for anyone that is looking forward to buying and selling a home, precautions must always come in mind. We are doing all that we can to keep your family safe.

Buyers and sellers are concerned about viewing homes in person, and sellers are worried about the people coming into their homes. This is a very “delicate” time in the world, people are being encouraged to wash their hands frequently, cover coughs, stay at home and stay away from others as much as possible.

How do we operate during these times?

Currently, we are operating with all of the “safety recommendations/orders” from health experts. We have a protocol in place that protects clients as much as possible. For instance, we screen all buyers and sellers on how their current health is… do you have the sniffles, a fever, cough, etc.. we ask if they have been out of the country in the last 30 days.

When it comes to agents and clients, we recommend having gloves, boots, hand wipes, hand sanitizers and small trash bags on hand.


1. Consider not allowing clients to travel in your auto.

2. Hand wipe lock-box, house key and door lock handle prior to entry.

3. Wear gloves in the house.

4. Instruct your buyers not to touch anything. Tell them that’s why you’re wearing gloves so that you can assist them.

5. Open any doors needed for buyers.

6. Follow the Social Distancing requirement and stay 6ft away from buyers.

7. Don’t touch your buyers ( no handshakes)

8. Don’t touch your face at any time with your gloves on.

9. After securing home and placing the key in lock-box- remove gloves, place in a trash bag and use hand sanitizer.

Tracy’s “COVID -19 Listing Agent Protocol”

– prior to showings, the seller should do the following:

1. Open all bedroom doors and closet doors.

2. Turn on all the lights.

3. If the seller is home during a showing, Please Follow Social Distancing requirements remaining 6ft away from all visitors.

4. Don’t touch any visitors.

5. No shaking hands.

Start Buying and Selling Online

We now always encourage everyone to search for a home online. For instance, has an exclusive list of homes that they add to daily. The GOOD news? For buyers who are looking for their dream home, We will drop interest more over the next 30 days!

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