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Buying a House in Knoxville, Tennessee – In-depth Guide

Buying a House in Knoxville, Tennessee - In-depth Guide
Step by Step Guide to Buying a House

What to Know Before Buying a House In Knoxville, Tennessee

Are you interested in buying a house in Knoxville, Tennessee but aren’t sure where to start? Finding the perfect home in Knoxville, Sevierville, the Tri-Cities, and Chattanooga that fits your needs and budget can feel overwhelming, especially when there’s so many options to choose from.

Finding the perfect home starts with finding the right real estate agent. At Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – Tracy King and the Kings of Real Estate Team, we want to make buying a home in the Knoxville area fun and stress-free. 

Putting your trust in us is not something we take lightly. We believe in serving big and giving back. That’s why we believe in educating every home buyer client we work with. We provide simple information with the goal of breaking down the complexity of the real estate process so anyone can understand it.  

We have excelled at serving hundreds of homebuyers with enthusiasm and ease, and we know we can help you, too.

What Makes Our Real Estate Team the Best Choice?

Buying a house in Knoxville, Tennessee, can be tough, especially if you’re new to the area. Our real estate team believes in listening more than we talk because we genuinely care about you as a human being, not just another client. 

That’s why we’ve taken the time to answer the top questions commonly expressed by homebuyers. We’ve taken these concerns and created a wealth of information on our website that’s available free of charge

You can trust us to guide you through the entire home buying process from start to finish. We have extensive experience and have been working with homebuyers just like you for years.

Aside from our excellent customer service skills, we also have access to thousands of homes for sale in the Knoxville, Tennessee area that other real estate agents don’t. We’ve also created a hassle-free program and several buyer’s guarantees to make the process as stress-free as possible. 

Your satisfaction is always our number one priority. If you want to learn more about how Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty-Tracy King can help you buy the perfect home, head over to our website.

Our site has a chat feature that allows you to talk with one of our professional team members in real-time, free of charge, and with no obligation to work with us. If you have a question or concern that can’t be answered there, we encourage you to email me at or give us a call at 865-830-3908. Another way to get in touch is simply to fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

How Can We Help You Find Homes For Sale in the Knoxville Area?

Our Website Search Tool

Buying a house in Knoxville, Tennessee, or the surrounding areas is easy with our website search feature. This tool lets you enter the city, address, zip code, or MLS ID of your choice, making it simple to find homes for sale in your desired area.

It also has filters that let you browse properties based on price, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, date listed, square footage, amount of acreage, and more.

And if you’re looking for a home with specific features like a pool, fenced-in yard, detached garage, or fireplace, our search feature can help you find the perfect match.

Once you find a home you’re interested in, simply click on it for additional information. You’ll be able to view the property’s location information, interior features, and exterior features. Each listing also has fantastic photos, virtual tours, a map, and the home’s proximity to places like nearby schools, restaurants, and grocery stores.

When you’re ready to take next steps, Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – Tracy King and The Kings of Real Estate Team, will  provide you with up-to-date, comprehensive information about the housing market, open houses, and potential showing times. We’ll provide you with everything you need to make a well-informed purchase decision.

We Have Resources for Renters Buying Their First Home 

If you’re currently renting a house or apartment, do you feel stuck within the walls? If your home doesn’t feel like your own, that’s because it isn’t. While you struggle to pay a higher rent than you should, you’re putting your hard-earned dollars into someone else’s pockets. 

We understand how frustrating it can be to have to ask your landlord for permission to bang a few nails in the wall so you can hang a picture just to make your space feel more like home. If you’re like most renters, you feel stuck in a renter’s rut with no clear way of rising out of it and owning your own property and equity. 

Our real estate team wants to help you make the transition to your first home. That’s why we’ve created a free guide specifically for renters called “How To Stop Paying Rent and Own Your Own Home.” We’ve already helped hundreds of local renters find the perfect home of their dreams. 

It doesn’t matter what your financial situation is or how long you’ve been renting. With the help of this report, you’ll learn how to save for the down payment and stop wasting thousands of dollars on rent. Why pay your landlord’s mortgage when you can be building your own equity? 

Worried about affordability? Check out our finance page to see what you can get with your budget. In addition, our guide on How To Save Thousands When You Buy can help you figure out if you qualify for a lower down payment, or even no down payment at all. 

If you’re a first-time home buyer especially, there may be financial assistance programs to help you purchase a home. Don’t let finances hold you back from buying a house in Knoxville, Tennessee, or the surrounding communities.

We Have Priority Access to New Homes Entering the Market

Priority access to off-market homes means you’re there before other buyers, so you can negotiate the lowest possible price and avoid bidding wars. Our clients love our Sneak Peeks– it’s like having access to hidden treasures that no one else knows about.

And off-market homes are important properties to be aware of. In fact, it’s estimated that nearly 50 percent of the homes sold last year were purchased outside of the MLS. This means that most home buyers in Tennessee are missing out on half of the homes for sale in the area, because they’re only searching online.

Don’t waste time looking at outdated information or searching the internet for listings everyone else has access to. When you sign up to work with our real estate team, we can give you access to the hottest off-market homes not found on popular sites like Zillow®, Trulia®, and Redfin®! 

To get started, request priority access to our Off-Market Homes list by filling out our contact form. You’ll receive access to our database of off-market homes, which you can filter using your home buying criteria. 

When you enter our database, the system will create a specific and unique buyer profile in our system tailored just for you. Our team of trusted agents will then be able to use the criteria you enter to help research properties for you. We scour unlisted houses, company-owned homes, bank foreclosures, public records, and other types of homes unavailable online. We’ll send properties we think might be a great fit straight to your inbox.

Our priority access report will give you a massive advantage over other buyers in the marketplace. This service is completely free, and comes with no obligation to work with us to buy a home. So if you want to get started buying a house in Knoxville, Tennessee, sign up to become one of our priority insiders today.

We Offer Market Pricing Reports and Other Buyer Resources

At Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – Tracy King and The Kings of Real Estate Team, our goal is to provide valuable information to all our clients. We offer a wealth of valuable information for homebuyers so we can educate you on one of the most significant choices you will ever make in your life.

Check out our Buyer’s Resources page for helpful articles on topics like money-saving tips, household safety checklists, home improvement ideas, home inspection advice, real estate insider secrets, and more. 

Next, be sure to read our in-depth industry reports, which cover more complex topics and are personally written and reviewed by our team of local area experts. 

These reports cover information like:

Lastly, our market pricing reports and summaries help you easily prepare for your next home search. These reports teach you about the current U.S. housing market and what the conditions mean for you as you look for your perfect home. Our team breaks down the numbers and adds important context to make the current housing market easy for anyone to understand. 

Why do we go the extra mile and take the time to prepare these resources for people buying a house in Knoxville, Tennessee? Because our clients deserve nothing less. When we provide you with helpful, educational information, we feel great knowing we’re doing our job right! 

Our Unique Buyers’ Guarantees

Exclusive Buyer Protection Plan Guarantee

Every agent promises to help you find the best home at the best price, with no hassle. However, the reality is this doesn’t always happen. Sometimes a home buyer realizes after purchasing a home that they’re not really satisfied with it. 

It’s impossible to predict everything about a house before you start living in it– but by the time you realize you’re unhappy with your choice, it’s too late. It’s not like you can return it to the store. 

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – Tracy King and The Kings of Real Estate Team have created a unique solution to this problem: our Exclusive Buyer Protection Plan

We offer this guarantee to all our clients buying a house in Knoxville, Tennessee, upfront and in writing. It promises that if you’re not happy with your new home during the first 24 months, we’ll buy it back and sell it for free. 

Basically, we’re extremely confident that we’ll help you find a home you love. When you buy a home through us, we listen closely to your needs and use our marketing systems to find you the perfect match. So in the unlikely event you’re unhappy with the purchase, we’ll buy it back!

This guarantee gives you a truly unique safety net you won’t find anywhere else. It means that you can rest assured knowing we have your back if you realize your new home isn’t the perfect fit. 

We recognize the amount of labor, time, effort, and money that goes into moving into a new property. Many new homeowners don’t realize there’s a backup plan out there until they find us. Your happiness is our top priority, and if you aren’t happy with the house you purchased through us, then we’ll be glad to make it our problem, not yours.

Most realtors are gone after the paperwork is signed and the closing is over. That’s what sets us apart from other agents. When you choose to work with our team, we stick around for our buyers even after they’ve purchased their new home! 

Regardless of why you might find yourself regretting the investment, we’ll be there to help you. With our Buyer Protection Plan, you can feel secure in your purchase, knowing we’ll have you covered.

* Buyer must be a VIP Buyer Client to receive a protection plan. **Tracy King and the home buyer must agree on the price and possession date

“Your Home Sold Guaranteed Or I’ll Buy It*” Guarantee

If you’re a current homeowner looking to sell your old home and buy a new one, it can be challenging to navigate the transition between the two. It’s always a risky situation buying another home while trying to sell your other one at the same time

They have to time the sale and purchase just right. This makes many home sellers understandably nervous about getting stuck with two houses, or none at all. 

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – Tracy King and The Kings of Real Estate offers an innovative guarantee to take away the stress of this dilemma. Our Guaranteed Sale Program guarantees the sale of your home and takes away all the worry associated with selling and buying a home at the same time. 

You can have peace of mind knowing that no matter what, your home will sell. If it’s not purchased by another buyer, Tracy King will purchase it himself. 

How can we be so confident we’ll sell your home? We’re the top home selling team in the area and we have the data to back it up:

  • 97.78% of our homes sell the first time they’re listed
  • We have a database with over 50,000 registered buyers
  • Our 45+ licensed agents sell 650 homes a year throughout East Tennessee, on average
  • We sell homes 50% faster than the average agent in the area
  • We sell homes for 3%, on average, and put that money back in your pocket

So, how exactly does our Guaranteed Sale Program work? When you sign up to work with us, we’ll prepare a total market analysis of your home for free. We’ll analyze information like comparable homes sales and current listings in the area. 

We’ll share this information with you and then work together to determine a fair market value for your home. 

Once we come to an agreement on a price, we’ll provide a written agreement that states that amount is your guaranteed sale price. So no matter what happens when the house hits the market, you’re guaranteed the home will sell for the agreed-upon price and within an agreed-upon timeframe. 

The Guaranteed Sale Program is like a risk-free insurance policy, that gives you the security of knowing Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – Tracy King and The Kings of Real Estate Team has your back.

But this guarantee has another layer of protection: we’ll essentially pay you money on top of the sale of your home. Sound too good to be true? This is the most important part of the guarantee we offer. We believe every home seller should have a guarantee like this to protect them.

Here’s how it works: in the unlikely event, your home does not sell within the agreed-upon timeframe, Track King will buy back your home for the guaranteed sale price.

Of course, if a home buyer comes along with a better offer, you’ll get that one instead. Either way, you’re protected and can rest assured that you’ll get the best possible price for your home.

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – The Kings of Real Estate Team, takes on all the risks and eliminates the usual stress and worry most home sellers feel. You’ll never have to worry about conditional offers, emotional roller coasters, and the chance of getting stuck owning two homes. 

We’ll do the heavy lifting with our Guaranteed Home Sale Program – all you need to do is take a breath and let us guide you through the process of buying a house in Knoxville, Tennessee. 

To learn about these and our other buyers’ guarantees, get in touch with us today!

*Tracy King and client must agree on price and possession date

Reach Out To Us To Begin Buying a House in Knoxville, Tennessee

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – Tracy King and The Kings of Real Estate has years of experience in the real estate industry. If you’re interested in buying a house in Knoxville, Tennessee, we’re the best choice. We’ve helped thousands of home buyers and sellers, and we know we can help you, too. Our proven track record speaks for itself.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out what people are saying about Tracy King and his team of professional agents here:

Your Home Sold Guaranteed – Kings of Real Estate

Aside from Knoxville, we also serve the following communities in Tennessee: Alcoa, Bean Station, Blaine, Bulls Gap, Clinton, Farragut, Friendsville, Gatlinburg, Jackboot, Kingston, Lafollette, Lenoir City, Louisville, Maryville,  Mascot, Morristown, New Market, Oak Ridge, Oliver Springs, Pigeon Forge, Pittman Center, Philadelphia, Rockford, Rocky Top, Rutledge, Seymour, Sevierville, Tellico Village, Townsend, Walland, and more!        

Give us a call at 865-830-3908 or send us an email at and get ready to start packing! We look forward to helping you find your dream home.


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