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Best Tips to Sell Fast When You List a House in Knoxville

Here’s how to sell your house quickly

When you’re thinking of selling a house in Knoxville, you need to know the best industry tips to sell fast. If you don’t, there are several bad things that could happen:

  • You won’t get as much for your house
  • It will take too long and could make you miss important deadlines
  • The home could sit on the market without selling
  • Lowball offers will delay the process for lack of serious buyers

There are many factors to getting a home sold fast. If you’re wondering exactly how long it will take, check out this free guide.

Statistics show that nearly half of homes listed on the market sell within the first month. But that fast 40% doesn’t happen by chance! Unfortunately for the homes that don’t sell, there’s usually a very real reason that could have been avoided.

In addition, the longer a home sits on the market, the lower the price often drops. Don’t let this happen when you sell your house! Get these tips to sell fast and make the best deal possible.

Don’t sit on your house, waiting for a higher offer – use these tips to sell fast

You may think you need to wait and receive many offers on your house before you get the best one. That’s not always the case, though. If you price your home correctly and market it well, you can get the best offer faster.

This is important for several reasons:

  1. Selling quickly makes your life easier
  2. You’ll receive your profits fasters
  3. If you’re on a deadline, there’s no danger of missing it
  4. Moving up to a larger home is less complicated
  5. You can avoid getting stuck with a home that won’t sell

If you’re in a sticky situation and need to sell your house to avoid foreclosure, do it fast! The last thing you want is even more financial stress and complications because you can’t get it sold.

Here are the top strategies to make sure your house in Knoxville sells fast and for top dollar.

Get your house ready before listing it so it sells fast

There are a bunch of strategies you can use to get your house ready for sale. In fact, we have a whole list of seller resources you can access for free here.

Firstly, you want to make sure your house passes a home inspection. If it doesn’t, that will cause delays and potentially add costs for repairs. It’s best to pass at the first inspection. That’s not hard if you know what common problems to look for.

Secondly, make sure you set your asking price correctly for the market. If you set it too high, that could delay the sale or cause buyers to make lowball offers. If you set it too low, you’ll lose profits. 

To make sure you price your home accurately, work with an experienced agent like Tracy King. An expert realtor on his team will answer any questions you have about setting the right price in Knoxville. 

Giving your house an advantage by appealing to qualified homebuyers

One of the most common mistakes home sellers make is believing curb appeal doesn’t make a big difference. Cleaning up and making small, cosmetic fixes may not change the value of your home, it changes the buyer’s attitude.

People make decisions based on how they feel – even if they think they don’t. If your home is so appealing that buyers fall in love, they’ll offer whatever it takes to buy.

Here are some quick things you can do to increase your home’s buyer appeal:

  1. Get rid of clutter and demonstrate how well-cared-for the house is
  2. Rearrange and reduce furniture to feel open but not empty, inviting buyers to imagine themselves living there
  3. Open curtains and replace lightbulbs to make the space as bright and welcoming as possible
  4. Create an inviting but neutral environment by eliminating strong smells and de-personalizing decorations

You’d be shocked what a difference thoroughly cleaning and reducing clutter can do to improve your offers.

Clean up the yard, wash the exterior if needed, weed the flower beds, trim bushes. Make it look stunning from the moment prospective buyers drive up.

Do not underestimate how important these small preparations are for getting a high offer!

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – Kings of Real Estate Team will sell your house fast

These tips to sell fast in Knoxville are just the start. There are more strategies you can use that are tailored for the local market. 

Because Tracy King and his team are so familiar with the local area, they’ll get you the best price. In addition, they take the time to understand your needs. Once Tracy’s team knows your priorities, they’ll craft a customized strategy just for you – other agents don’t do this!

When you work with Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – Kings of Real Estate Team, you’ll win. In fact, we’re so confident that we’ll pay you cash if we can’t get your house sold.

To take advantage of their expertise, call Tracy’s team at 865-830-3908. You can also use the form below and we’ll be in touch right away.


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